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Trainees are sponsored 100% for living, training, debut and promotional costs.
Trainees are assisted by professional staffs during training courses and performing activities.
Trainees receive regular salary, even in training (20 million VND/ month).
Trainees are allowed to go on holiday 3 times/year (inside or outside Vietnam) while in contract.
Trainees get paid after each performance, divided as 6-4 (agency-artist) from the original amount.
Duration of the exclusive contract is just 3-5 years (including 1-2 years of training).


Trainees must provide sufficient and accurate personal information, including marital status, legal profile, record(s) of plastic surgery (if any), future intentions, etc. so that the agency can evaluate and make an official decision of recruiment.
Trainees/Artists must work under the management of the agency, including accommodation (trainees/artists must live in the agency’s dormitory), personal relationships, social media activities and any other social activities.
All performing activities must be under the agency’s management. Do not work with any third party without informing the agency.
All trainees/artists must be responsible for their own personal information security and image protection, so as not to spark any negative news/scandal which can affect the pre-defined strategy for development.
Trainees/ Artists must answer to the agency’s requests to participate in internal events, social activities and some special activities without demand and/or objection.